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  1. Sigma Software v.2.21.00 FRP REMOVE for Huawei MTK models
  2. Sigma Software v.2.21.01 +20 MTK models supported for FRP Remove
  3. Sigma Software v.2.21.02. Support for new Huawei Qcom devices.
  4. Sigma Software v.2.21.03 is out! Flashing support for Qcom-based Alcatel smartphones
  5. Sigma Software v2.21.04. Remove Huawei ID for Qcom and HiSilicon based models
  6. Sigma Software v.2.22.01. IMEI Repair for Alcatel Qcom smartphones
  7. Moto g4 unlock y imei reparar SIGMA BOX
  8. Sigma v. New Huawei MTK smartphones
  9. Sigma Software v.2.23.00. Huawei CUN / LUA / LYO / TAG / TIT group
  10. Sigma Software v2.23.01. Repair IMEI solution for Huawei Smartphones introduced.
  11. Sigma Software v.2.23.02 is out.
  12. Sigma Software v.2.23.03
  13. Sigma Software v.2.23.04 released!
  14. ★★ Successful Unlock/Flash Reports by the SigmaKey★★
  15. Remove Frp huawei Cam-l21
  16. SigmaKey v.2.24.00. It's a Sony. Unlock and IMEI Repair!
  17. Sony Xperia M5 E5633 unlock and IMEI repair with Sigma
  18. Sigma Software v2.24.02. Moto FRP Remove feature introduced.
  19. Remove FRP feature for Motorola G3
  20. Remove FRP feature for Motorola G4
  21. Sony Xperia M5 E5603 IMEI Repair with Sigma
  22. Sigma Software v.2.24.03
  23. Sigma Software v.2.24.04
  24. Sigma Software v2.25.00
  25. Sigma Software v.2.25.02
  26. Moto XT1557 6.0.1 New Security Frp (Google Lock)Remove Done By Sigmakey
  27. Sigma v.2.25.03 supports devices locked with "Device Unlock" application
  28. Sigma Software v.2.25.04
  29. Sigma Software v.2.25.05
  30. SigmaKey Software v2.25.06
  31. Sigma v.2.25.07. New line of Huawei smartphones.
  32. Sigma Software v.2.26.00
  33. sony XA1 repair imei
  34. Sigma Software v.2.26.01
  35. Sigma v2.26.02. ZTE Obsidian locked with T-Mobile "Device Unlock" app
  36. Sigma v.2.26.03 New Alcatel, Huawei, Lenovo models in the list.
  37. Sigma Software v.2.26.04
  38. sony xperia lt25i Root And Unlock Sim Lock
  39. Sigma v2.26.05 BIG Alcatel Calculator Update
  40. Sigma Software v.2.26.06
  41. HUAWEI Honor Y6 SCL-L01 Network Unlock Done
  42. Zte v768 unlock done!
  43. Sigma Software v.2.26.17 REPAIR feature for bricked Qualcomm Huawei smartphones
  44. SigmaKey 2.27.00. New group of supported for repair Qcom smartphones
  45. SigmaKey v2.27.01 Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Serial numbers repair; Change Sim card mode
  46. Sigma v.2.27.02. FRP Remove for new ZTE smartphones.
  47. Huawei GT3 (NMO-L31) Flashing Via SigmaKey
  48. Sigma Software v.2.27.03. New devices in the list
  49. SigmaKey Software v2.27.05. New Huawei devices supported
  50. Sigma Software v.2.27.06. FRP remove for new ZTE smartphones
  51. Sigma Software v.2.27.07
  52. Sigma Software v.2.27.08
  53. Sigma v.2.27.09. Support for Huawei running on Android Oreo
  54. Huawei LUA-U22 FRP RESET Done Only 1 Click
  55. Sigma v.2.27.10. Vodafone Smart E8 Unlock/IMEI/FRP
  56. Sigma Software v.2.27.12. Huawei Cairo / CRO Unlock
  57. Sigma Software v2.27.13. FRP remove for BG2-*** and BGO-***