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  1. Post Here Successfully Flashed Unlock Or IMEI Repair... By HUA Box
  2. How to reset FRP lOCK on 2016 Phones By HUA Team?
  3. HUA Box Version 2.2.8 Released Update Number Four
  4. Hua box ver 2.4.3 release unlimited for huawei phones now
  5. Hua box ver release For All Gsm users Now
  6. ☺☺☺☺☺Huabox ver 2.4.4 released The ultimate update for every qualcomm phone☺☺☺☺☺
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  10. Huawei G610-U20 Repair Imai Done In 2Min By Hua Box
  11. Huabox(hde pack version 0098)released add remove id for huawei phones
  12. Huabox ver 2.4.5 released Add Reset FRP For EXYNOS PHONES NOW
  13. Huabox(hde pack version 0099)released JUST 48hrs NOW
  14. Hua box iphone tools client version 1.0.0 released
  15. HUABOX(Iphone tool client version 1.0.1)released
  16. Huabox(hde pack new version)released LIST MODELS IS UPDATED
  17. Huabox ver 2.4.6 released Add New Method For Flash hisilicon Phones
  18. HUABOX(Iphone tool client version JUST 7 SEC NOW
  19. HUABOX(Iphone tool client version 1.0.2)released Add DHRU Now
  20. Huabox ver 2.4.7 released !!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!
  21. Huabox ver 2.4.8 released Add Read and Write NV For Huawei Qualcomm Phones
  22. Huabox ver 2.4.9 released Add Repair Imei Null and Sec For Y625
  23. Hua box ver 2.5.0 released add DIRECT UNLOCK FOR SPD AND MARVELL PHONES
  24. Hua box ver 2.5.1 released Add NEW METHOD FOR REPAIR IMEI HUAWEI PHONES
  25. Hua box ver 2.5.2 released Add REPAIR IMEI NULL FOR HUAWEI QUALCOMM PHONES
  26. Hua box ver 2.5.3 released GOODBYE! WRTIE NVRAM and Reset FRP SPD
  27. Hua box ver 2.5.4 released add Huawei New MTK Phones
  28. Hua box ver 2.5.5 released add Read and Write QCN For All Qualcomm Phones
  29. Hua box ver 2.5.6 released Add Unlock Patch Without Root now and HDE Update(1ST)
  30. Hua box ver 2.5.7 released SPD IMEI REPAIR AND HDE UPDATE FOR NEW MTK
  31. Hua box ver 2.5.8 released and HDE New List Models
  32. Hua box ver 2.5.9 released F R P Update
  33. Hua box ver 2.6.0 released reset frp and Unlock for HUAWEI 2k Phones on HDE PACK
  34. Hua box ver 2.6.1 released IMEI REPAIR and Read BL Code for Huawei Phones
  35. Hua box ver 2.6.2 released NEW METHOD FOR REPAIR IMEI INTEL PHONES and FRP SAMSUNG
  36. Hua box version 2.6.3 released add read bootloader code for new huawei phones
  37. Hua box version 2.6.4 released Just For Start and Free For All Huabox Users
  38. Hua box version 2.6.5 released Add New Phone models for Qualcomm tools
  39. Hua box(Qulacomm tools version 1.0.2)released Free For all Huabox users
  40. Hua box 2.6.6 Released Add New Phone Models For FREE QUALCOMM TOOLS
  41. Hua box(Qulacomm tools version 1.0.4)released Free For all Huabox users
  42. Hua box version 2.6.7 released
  43. Hua box version 2.6.8 released Add New Method for Reset FRP Samsung Phones
  44. Hua box version 2.6.9 released Fix Version
  45. Hua box version 2.7.0 released JUST FOR START
  46. Hua box version 2.7.1 released FRP 2017 METHOD
  47. Hua box(Qulacomm tools version 1.0.6)released Free For All Huabox Users
  48. Hua box version 2.7.2 and HQT 1.0.7 released
  49. Hua box version 2.7.3 released !
  50. Hua box(Hmi Tool Version 1.0.0)Release Free Gift Tool For All Huabox User
  51. Hua box(Hmi Tool Version 1.0.1)Released
  52. Hua box(Hmi Tool Version 1.0.2)Release Free Tool For All Huabox User
  53. Hua box(All in One Version 1.0.1)Released
  54. Hua box(Hmi Tool Version 1.0.3)Release Add Special Files For Remove Mi Account
  55. Hua box(Hmi Tool Version Add Special Files For Other Phones
  56. Hua box Version 2.7.6 Released Add New Method For Reset FRP LG Qualcomm Phones
  57. Hua box(Hmi Tool Version 1.0.4)Released FIRST IN THE WORLD UPDATE
  58. HUA BOX(HQT Ver 1.1.5)Released Add Boot Repair For Some LG Phones
  59. Hua Box(Hmi Ver 1.0.7)Released Add New Xioami Phone Models
  60. HUABOX ALL IN ONE 1.0.9 Released add Reset Screen Locks 9008 and Merry Christmas
  61. HUABOX(HQT VER 1.1.7)RELEASED Last Update of the 2017 year
  62. HUABOX(Hmi VER 1.0.9)RELEASED First Update of the 2018 year(1ST WORLD)
  63. HUA BOX VERSION 2.8.7 Released Add Method For Reset Screen Locks new Samsung Phones
  64. HUABOX(HQT Ver 1.1.8)Released Add Direct Unlock With 9008 Mode(1ST WORLD)
  66. HUABOX(All in one 1.1.0)Released Xiaomi Update
  67. HUABOX(HQT Ver 1.1.9)Released LG UPDATE
  68. HUABOX Version 2.8.9 Released 1 Model - 1 Update - BIG Update - COOLPAD 3320A
  69. HUABOX(Hmi Version 1.1.1)Released Add New Phone Models
  71. HUABOX(HQT Ver 1.2.1)Released Add Make Boot repair For Lenovo and Coolpad