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  1. HDE TOOL version 0.135 released
  2. Hde tool version 0.136 released NO NEED NVRAM NOW
  3. Hua box(Qulacomm tools version 1.0.5)released Free Authorization For Huawei Phones
  4. Hde tool version 0.142 released
  5. Hde tool version 0.146 released
  6. Hde tool version 0.148 released add repair as empty board for hisilicon phones
  7. Hde tool version 0.152 released
  8. Hde tool version 0.153 released Add New Method for Repair Sim lock Qualcomm Phones
  9. Hde tool version 0.153.1 released New LIST MODELS
  10. Hde tool version 0.154 released Add New Method For Reset FRP
  11. Hde tool version 0.154.1 released add 1-click downgrade for huawei qualcomm phones
  12. Hde tool version 0.163 released Add New Huawei Models
  13. Hde tool version 0.163.1 released List Models Is Update now + NEW PRICE
  14. Hde tool version 0.174 released Are You Sure??!!!!!FIRST IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!
  15. Hde tool version 0.174.1 released New List Models is Updated Now
  16. Hde tool version 0.175 released Add Generic Method For Most MTK Phones
  17. Hde tool version 0.175.1 released list models is update now
  18. HDE TOOL Version 0.177 Released Add Automatic Backup and Restore For phone Info Data
  19. HDE TOOL Ver 0.177.1 Released Set New Portlock and FRP Key For Hisilicon 2k Phones
  20. HDE TOOL Ver 219 and Flasher Ver 47 Released MATE10 and MATE 10 PRO
  21. HDE TOOL Ver 221 and Flasher Ver 48 Released Add New Phone Models
  22. HDE TOOL(HDE Flasher Ver 50)Released