View Full Version : Z3X-EASY JTAG Update. Lot of phones added

Mohamed Aamri Gsm
17-05-2016, 12:00 PM
EasyJtag Release v2.1.1.1. Lot of phones added


- additional AES 128 Security level * ( surprise for some copypasters )


- Z3X LG Tool (activated on EasyJtag) force close bug when select model

We are implementing new protection levels of our software to ensure our customers

to use authentic and well protected solution on market.

Added phones:

- support SAMSUNG SM-J200F (ISP Pinout, Dumps) [Thanks naushad09]*

- support LG D405 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)*

- support LG D410 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)*

- support LG D415 (ISP Pinout)*

- support LENOVO A1000 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)*

- support LENOVO A706 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)*

- support LENOVO P780 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)*

- support LENOVO A390 (ISP Pinout, Dumps)*

- support LENOVO A560 (ISP Pinout)*

- support LENOVO A586 (ISP Pinout)*

- support ACER Z130 (ISP Pinout)*

Fixed some UI bugs.

Box Firmware 1.55

@customers - never eat spoiled seafoods ;-)