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Mohamed Aamri Gsm
18-05-2016, 10:40 AM
eMMC Pro V1.01 Release*

[18 May 2016]

Description :*

eMMC Pro V1.01 Released

Release Notes:

News :

Support ISP voltages.

Support eMMC / SD / eMCP Types .

General I/O options implemented hardware

Partition display function is added

Save File bug Fixed

Resume Function bug Fixed

Selecting Hardware option added ( eMMC Booster and eMMC Pro )

Disk Size is added to full read option .

EXT_CSD read / write added.

You can now operate with almost all mobile phones with eMMC / eMCP inside !

Advanced eMMC Repair*

Universal Device Programmer

Free eMMC Booster with eMMC Pro Hardware

eMMC PRo - Universal Device Programmer