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Thread: LG G4 H811 Boot Repair Done With QFIL

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    LG G4 H811 Boot Repair Done With QFIL

    [IMG]*********************************/images/smilies/cool.png[/IMG]LG G4 H811 Boot Repair

    Just Flash This File With QFIL - G4 H811 By Mohd Saqib


    After This Flash Your Handset With Latest Firmware

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    thank you good work

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    You forgot to mention the password of your linked file.

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    sir its not work
    FireHose Log: Chip serial num: 6044441 (0x5c3b19)
    FireHose Log: Supported Functions: program configure nop firmwarewrite patch setbootablestoragedrive ufs emmc power benchmark read getstorageinfo getsha256digest erase peek poke
    FireHose NOP sent successfully
    Sending Configuration
    Device Type:eMMC
    FireHose Log: Host's hash buffer size not provided or 0; using 8192
    FireHose Log: fh.attrs.MaxPayloadSizeToTargetInBytes > FIREHOSE_CHANNEL_BUFFER_SIZE
    FireHose Log: Calling hotplug_poll_device('MMC')
    FireHose Log: Storage device of type 'MMC' cannot be opened
    FireHose Log: storage_device_open() returned FALSE
    FireHose Log: ERROR 13: Line 925: HANDLE_CONFIGURE_FAILURE
    CONFIGURE: Could not get configure elements from response
    Failed to send the Firehose configure packet
    Download Fail:FireHose Fail FireHose Fail:Failed to configure the device in Firehose mode
    Finish Download

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