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Thread: How to find out the Apple id from a backup

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    How to find out the Apple id from a backup

    1) Downloaded iBackupBot for iTunes installed and launched, saw backup. It is paid, but it works in paid mode too.
    2) Pulled the file along the path: system file / HomeDomain / Library / Account / Accounts3.sqlitle (Select the file with the right mouse and Export.
    3) This very file "Accounts3.sqlitle" needs to be opened in SQlite Manager from Firefox Mozilla. It's also an additional plugin in Firefox Mozilla.
    4) After you have opened the file "Accounts3.sqlitle" in SQlite Manager, the list appears to the left, you need to select ZACCOUNT, then select the "STRUCTURE" menu in SQlite Manager. ZACCOUNT we have
    already selected, then click on the right "Export" choose the path to save. And now it is saved in the format ZACCOUNT.csv and can be opened in Microsoft Excel


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