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Thread: A new OS from Google launched on a laptop

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    Post A new OS from Google launched on a laptop

    Employees of the resource Ars Technica were able to install the operating system Fuchsia from Google at the end of last year, the Chromebook Pixelbook. As it turned out, this OS works great not onlyon smartphones , but also on personal computers. While the capabilities of the system are extremely limited, it is already possible to evaluate its user interface.

    Fuchsia on the laptop is inherently very similar to the version for smartphones. The system is presented in the form of cards with search, applications and various content. It meets the user with a lock screen, where only time is displayed. You can also sign in to your Google Account or select a guest login. After logging in at the top, system notifications and some quick settings are displayed, and below all the main content. It is also worth noting the support of multi-windowedness.

    Looks Here

    According to rumors, Fuchsia at some point will replace Android and Chrome OS. This will be a universal system for different types of devices, like Windows 10.

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