Microsoft shared some details of the new S Mode for the Windows 10 operating system. Recall, it will replace Windows 10 S and will offer the same features, but without the need to reinstall the system. Joe Belfiore, Microsoft vice president, responsible for Windows, talked about the coming changes.

"We use Windows 10 S as an option for schools or businesses that need a version for simple tasks, but with guaranteed performance. Next year 10S will become a mode for existing versions, and not a separate assembly. So ... I think it's perfectly normal / good that we did not announce it separately, "Joe Belfiore said.

S Mode will be available on all new computers with Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro after the upcoming major update. In Windows 10 Enterprise, you can also activate this feature.

You can upgrade the computer with S Mode to the regular version of Windows 10 for free regardless of the release.

The reason for abandoning Windows 10 S in Microsoft is that another version of the OS caused confusion among users and customers who did not understand which edition suited them better.

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