[CLARIFICATION][READ] About remove screen lock & New Security FRP for Huawei Devices
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Thread: [CLARIFICATION][READ] About remove screen lock & New Security FRP for Huawei Devices

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    icon3 [CLARIFICATION][READ] About remove screen lock & New Security FRP for Huawei Devices

    Hello all EFT Dongle, i hope everyone is happy with our services ,

    I write this thread to clarify some points about Huawei device :

    Well, let's start first with remove screen lock so every device thats released with 5.0 or 6.0.1 can be remove and supported with EFT Dongle , and about android 7.0 or 8.0 is supported also but in one situation is in the case that it was issued by the company i means here (HUAWEI) for the first time with android (5.0) or (6.0) and that device was updated in to (7.0) or another version so its supported to remove the screen lock easy and simple with EFT Dongle by following the steps in this video :

    And for devices thats released first time with android version 7.0 or more by the company ,its not supported by our dongle but doesn't means we forget it ,and we are now working to finding a solution and put it through our constant updates here .

    And about FRP new security thats released in august or after or all security thats beginning with (33) like this exactly (RNE-L21 its not supported at the moment with EFT Dongle any way you can use this manual way , as will as we can will be add new solution and fix all problem in gsm world mobiles in our updates .

    Mohammed Aamri

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