EFT Dongle Version 2.2 Is Released Added more supported devices 17/12/2018
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Thread: EFT Dongle Version 2.2 Is Released Added more supported devices 17/12/2018

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    EFT Dongle Version 2.2 Is Released Added more supported devices 17/12/2018

    EFT Dongle New Update 17/12/2018
    Software V2.2
    What is New ?
    [SAMSUNG] Fixed translate without Root on Android 8.x.x
    [GENERAL]Added support to Root all unlocked Bootloader devices in Fastboot
    [GENERAL] Updated EFT-SU to version 3.09 with new features:
    -- [EXCLUSIVE] [FIRST IN THE WORLD] Added support to disable [defex] security in devices (J610 - J415)

    [SAMSUNG] Added more supported models to operation Remove ScreenLock (Patch 1-2) on (FRP ON / OEM ON):
    SM-A320F U4
    SM-A510F U7
    SM-A510M U3
    SM-A710M U1
    SM-A710M U2
    SM-A720F U5
    SM-A720F U6
    SM-A720S U2
    SM-A810S U2
    SM-G361HU U0
    SM-G361F U1
    SM-G531F U1
    SM-G610L U1
    SM-G610M U2
    SM-G610M U3
    SM-G611S U1
    SM-J105M U0
    SM-J330L U1
    SM-J530L U2
    SM-J701M U3
    SM-J701M U4
    SM-J701M U5
    SM-J727S U2
    SM-J730K U2
    SM-J730S U1
    SM-T580 U4
    SM-T585 U4

    [SAMSUNG] [EXCLUSIVE] Added more supported models to ONE-CLICK feature to remove
    (FRP - Reset ScreenLock - CALL ME - SAMSUNG ACCOUNT - MDM ) on (FRP ON / OEM ON):

    SM-A300FU U1 RA3 6.0.1
    SM-A500FU U1 RA1 6.0.1
    SM-A710Y U1 QK2 6.0.1
    SM-A810F U2 RL1 8.0.0
    SM-A5108ZMU3 RD3 6.0.1
    SM-C7010ZHU2 RK1 8.0.0
    SM-G610Y U1 RC3 7.0
    SM-G611F U1 RJ2 8.0.0
    SM-G900P U3 QD1 6.0.1
    SM-G900V U2 QL1 6.0.1
    SM-G903F U2 QL1 6.0.1
    SM-J320A U3 QL2 7.1.1
    SM-J510GN U2 RC2 7.1.1
    SM-J510UN U1 RA2 6.0.1
    SM-J530F U3 RK1 8.1.0
    SM-J530Y U3 RD1 7.0
    SM-J701F U6 RL2 8.1.0
    SM-J710F U5 RK3 8.1.0
    SM-J710K U1 RC1 7.0
    SM-J727S U2 RB3 7.0
    SM-J730F U3 RL1 8.1.0
    SM-J730K U2 RD1 7.0

    [QUALCOMM] Added more supported devices:
    ASUS X00HD
    ASUS V500KL
    ASUS X00PD QC 8917
    ASUS X00OD QC 8937
    ASUS ZA 550KL
    ASUS ZA 550KL (GO)
    ASUS ZA 551KL
    ASUS ZB 500KG
    ASUS ZB553KL
    ASUS ZB553KL V2
    ASUS ZB555KL
    ASUS ZB555KL V2
    ASUS ZB556KL
    ASUS ZB556KL V2
    ASUS ZC520KL
    ASUS ZC520KL V2
    ASUS ZC600KL QC 430
    ASUS ZC600KL QC 630
    ASUS ZS 620KL

    [MTK] Added more supported devices:
    Chuwi Hi9 Air
    Fero Pace 2
    IBRIT AF51
    ITEL A15
    ITEL A45
    ITEL P32
    ITEL A62
    Lenovo K 8 PLUS
    TECNO-RA 6 S
    Meizu M6
    Moto XT1760
    Moto XT1761
    Moto XT1762
    Moto XT1763
    Moto XT1766
    Moto XT1770
    Moto XT1771
    Moto XT1772
    Moto XT1773
    Wiko Kenny
    Wiko Sunny 2 Plus

    [MTK] Updated support for these devices:
    ZTE-NX573J (Nubia M2 Lite LTE DS)
    Meizu M3
    Meizu M3 NOTE

    Note: Every Update will add New & Exclusive models to reset FRP & Screen-lock (FRP ON / OEM ON / CROM LOCKED)

    Please Uninstall the previous version

    And download Full Setup


    Get Now EFT Dongle From Nearest Distrubutor/Reseller Here

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