EFT Dongle Version 2.6 Is Released Added more features 14/03/2019
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Thread: EFT Dongle Version 2.6 Is Released Added more features 14/03/2019

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    EFT Dongle Version 2.6 Is Released Added more features 14/03/2019

    EFT Dongle New Update 14/03/2019
    Software V2.6
    What is New ?
    [HUAWEI] Added support to write board firmwares in USB 1.0 mode (UnBrick)
    [HUAWEI] Fixed FRP Server (BETA)
    [GENERAL] Updated EFT-SU to version 3.12 with new features:
    -- [EXCLUSIVE] [FIRST IN THE WORLD] Added support to Root Samsung Galaxy S10/S10E/S10 Plus (Need unlocked bootloader)

    How to unlock Bootloader for Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e (SM-G975/SM-G973/SM-G970)

    How to Root Samsung Galaxy S10 series Using EFT Dongle

    -- [EXCLUSIVE] [FIRST IN THE WORLD] Added support to create virtual system image during boot to avoid tampering DM-Verity

    [AllWinner] [EXCLUSIVE] [FIRST IN THE WORLD] Added support to the following operations In FEL Mode:
    -- Supported CPUs: A23 - A33 - A64 - A83T
    -- Read info
    -- Reset ScreenLock Without Lost Data - Supported Encrypted data
    -- Factory Reset
    -- Read / Write Flash
    Activate Allwinner drivers to EFT

    [SAMSUNG] Added more supported models to ONE-CLICK feature to remove
    (FRP - Reset ScreenLock - CALL ME - SAMSUNG ACCOUNT - MDM ) on (FRP ON / OEM ON):

    SM-G930A U8 8.0.0
    SM-G930V U8 8.0.0
    SM-G930T U8 8.0.0
    SM-G930P U8 8.0.0
    SM-G935A U8 8.0.0
    SM-G935P U8 8.0.0
    SM-G935T U8 8.0.0
    SM-G935V U8 8.0.0

    [SAMSUNG] Added more supported models to operation Remove ScreenLock (Patch 1-2) on (FRP ON / OEM ON):
    SM-G930F U4
    SM-G935F U4
    SM-J730GM U5

    [MTK] Added new supported models:
    Alcatel 5041c (Tetra 4G LTE)
    Alcatel 5058 (A3A PLUS)
    LAVA-A2 (A2 LTE DS)
    LAVA-A3 (A3 LTE DS)
    LAVA-A3 Egy (A3 Egy LTE DS)
    LAVA-A3 Mini (A3 Mini LTE DS)
    LAVA-A44 (A44 LTE DS)
    LAVA-A52 (A52 3G DS)
    LAVA-Elite E8 (Elite E8 3G DS)
    LAVA-Flair P3 (Flair P3 3G DS)
    LAVA-Flair S1 (Flair S1 3G DS)
    LAVA-Grand 2C (Grand 2C LTE DS)
    LAVA-Iris 30 (Iris 30 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris 40 (Iris 40 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris 41 (Iris 41 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris 50 (Iris 50 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris 504Q Plus (Iris 504Q Plus 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris 505 (Iris 505 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris 510 (Iris 510 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris 512 (Iris 512 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris 515 (Iris 515 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris 550 (Iris 550 LTE DS)
    LAVA-Iris 565 (Iris 565 LTE DS)
    LAVA-Iris 60 (Iris 60 LTE DS)
    LAVA-Iris 600 (Iris 600 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris 605 (Iris 605 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris 702 (Iris 702 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris 705 (Iris 705 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris 750 (Iris 750 LTE DS)
    LAVA-Iris 755 (Iris 755 LTE DS)
    LAVA-Iris 758 (Iris 758 LTE DS)
    LAVA-Iris 800 (Iris 800 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris 810 (Iris 810 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris 820 (Iris 820 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris 820 MX (Iris 820 MX 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris 821 (Iris 821 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris 860 (Iris 860 LTE DS)
    LAVA-Iris 870 (Iris 870 LTE DS)
    LAVA-Iris 880 (Iris 880 LTE DS)
    LAVA-Iris Alfa L (Iris Alfa L 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris Fuel 10 (Iris Fuel 10 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris Fuel 25 (Iris Fuel 25 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris Fuel 50 (Iris Fuel 50 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris Fuel 60 (Iris Fuel 60 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris Fuel F1 (Iris Fuel F1 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris Icon (Iris Icon 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris X1 Grand (Iris X1 Grand 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris X1 Plus (Iris X1 Plus 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris X1 Selfie (Iris X1 Selfie 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris X5 (Iris X5 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris X5 4G (Iris X5 4G LTE DS)
    LAVA-Iris X5 M10 (Iris X5 M10 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris X8 (Iris X8 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris X8 L (Iris X8 L 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris X8 Pro (Iris X8 Pro 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris X8 Q (Iris X8 Q 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris X8 S (Iris X8 S 3G DS)
    LAVA-Iris X9 (Iris X9 3G DS)
    LAVA-Ivory Plus (Ivory Plus 3G DS)
    LAVA-Ivory S (Ivory S 3G DS)
    LAVA-Ivory V5.0 (Ivory V5.0 3G DS)
    LAVA-P7 (P7 3G DS)
    LAVA-P7 Plus (P7 Plus 3G DS)
    LAVA-Pixel V1 (Pixel V1 3G DS)
    LAVA-Pixel V2 (Pixel V2 LTE DS)
    LAVA-Pixel V2 Plus (Pixel V2 Plus LTE DS)
    LAVA-Pro 5.0 Star (Pro 5.0 Star 3G DS)
    LAVA-R1 (R1 LTE DS)
    LAVA-R1 Lite (R1 Lite LTE DS)
    LAVA-T80 (T80 3G)
    LAVA-V2 (V2 LTE DS)
    LAVA-V2s (V2s LTE DS)
    LAVA-V2s Plus (V2s Plus LTE DS)
    LAVA-V5 (V5 LTE DS)
    LAVA-X10 (X10 LTE DS)
    LAVA-X12 (X12 LTE DS)
    LAVA-X3 (X3 3G DS)
    LAVA-X38 (X38 LTE DS)
    LAVA-X65 (X65 LTE DS)
    LAVA-X81 (X81 LTE DS)
    LAVA-Y10 (Y10 LTE DS)
    LAVA-Y30 (Y30 LTE DS)
    LAVA-Z1 (Z1 LTE DS)
    LAVA-Z10 (Z10 LTE DS)
    LAVA-Z25 (Z25 LTE DS)
    LAVA-Z60G (Z60G LTE DS)
    LAVA-Z60T (Z60T LTE DS)
    LAVA-Z61 Turbo (Z61 Turbo LTE DS)
    LAVA-Z70 (Z70 LTE DS)
    LAVA-Z81 (Z81 LTE DS)
    LAVA-Z90E (Z90E LTE DS)
    LAVA-Z92 (Z92 LTE DS)
    Lenovo TB-7104F
    Lenovo TB-8304F (Tab E8 WiFi)
    Lenovo XT-1902-2 (K8PLUS)
    TECNO Camon I 2X ID5B
    XOLO-8X-1000 (8X-1000 3G DS)
    XOLO-8X-1000i (8X-1000i 3G DS)
    XOLO-8X-1010 (8X-1010 3G DS)
    XOLO-A1000s (A1000s 3G DS)
    XOLO-A1000s Lite (A1000s Lite 3G DS)
    XOLO-A1010 (A1010 3G DS)
    XOLO-A500 Club (A500 Club 3G DS)
    XOLO-A500L (A500L 3G DS)
    XOLO-A500s (A500s 3G DS)
    XOLO-A500s IPS (A500s IPS 3G DS)
    XOLO-A500s Lite (A500s Lite 3G DS)
    XOLO-A510s (A510s 3G DS)
    XOLO-A550s (A550s 3G DS)
    XOLO-A600 (A600 3G DS)
    XOLO-A700s (A700s 3G DS)
    XOLO-Black 1X (Black 1X LTE DS)
    XOLO-Cube 5.0 (Cube 5.0 3G DS)
    XOLO-Cube 5.0 2GB (Cube 5.0 2GB 3G DS)
    XOLO-Era 2V (Era 2V LTE DS)
    XOLO-Era 2X (Era 2X LTE DS)
    XOLO-Era 2X 3GB (Era 2X 3GB LTE DS)
    XOLO-Era 3 (Era 3 LTE DS)
    XOLO-Era 3X (Era 3X LTE DS)
    XOLO-Era 4.5 (Era 4.5 3G DS)
    XOLO-Era 4K (Era 4K LTE DS)
    XOLO-Era Note (Era Note LTE DS)
    XOLO-Omega 5.0 (Omega 5.0 3G DS)
    XOLO-Omega 5.5 (Omega 5.5 3G DS)
    XOLO-One (One 3G DS)
    XOLO-One HD (One HD 3G DS)
    XOLO-Opus 3 (Opus 3 3G DS)
    XOLO-Play 6X-1000 (Play 6X-1000 3G DS)
    XOLO-Play 8X-1100 (Play 8X-1100 3G DS)
    XOLO-Play 8X-1200 (Play 8X-1200 3G DS)
    XOLO-Prime (Prime 3G DS)
    XOLO-Q1000 (Q1000 3G DS)
    XOLO-Q1000s (Q1000s 3G DS)
    XOLO-Q1000s+ (Q1000s+ 3G DS)
    XOLO-Q1001 (Q1001 3G DS)
    XOLO-Q1010 (Q1010 3G DS)
    XOLO-Q1010i (Q1010i 3G DS)
    XOLO-Q1011 (Q1011 3G DS)
    XOLO-Q1020 (Q1020 3G DS)
    XOLO-Q1200 (Q1200 3G DS)
    XOLO-Q2000 (Q2000 3G DS)
    XOLO-Q2100 (Q2100 3G DS)
    XOLO-Q2500 (Q2500 3G DS)
    XOLO-Q3000 (Q3000 3G DS)
    XOLO-Q500s ISP (Q500s ISP 3G DS)
    XOLO-Q510s (Q510s 3G DS)
    XOLO-Q520s (Q520s 3G DS)
    XOLO-Q600 (Q600 3G DS)
    XOLO-Q600 Club (Q600 Club 3G DS)
    XOLO-Q610s (Q610s 3G DS)
    XOLO-Q700 (Q700 3G DS)
    XOLO-Q700 Club (Q700 Club 3G DS)
    XOLO-Q700i (Q700i 3G DS)
    XOLO-Q700s (Q700s 3G DS)
    XOLO-Q700s+ (Q700s+ 3G DS)
    XOLO-Q710s (Q710s 3G DS)
    XOLO-Q800 (Q800 3G DS)
    XOLO-Q800x (Q800x 3G DS)
    XOLO-Q900 (Q900 3G DS)
    XOLO-Q900t (Q900t 3G DS)
    Fix > (Nokia 3.1 LTE) TA-XXX

    [QUALCOMM] Added new supported models
    Vestel-Venus E4 (Truva)


    Please Uninstall the previous version

    And download Full Setup


    Get Now EFT Dongle From Nearest Distrubutor/Reseller Here

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    EFT Dongle Activate Allwinner drivers

    EFT Dongle Activate Allwinner drivers

    To Restore the original driver of Allwinner devices just remove the driver as shown in the photos

    To install drivers:
    Press on "Install drivers"


    To Activate Allwinner drivers to EFT Operations:

    To Restore the original driver of Allwinner devices just remove the driver as shown in the photos
    (IMPORTANT: mark the "Delete the driver software for this device")
    (The drivers name may be "USB Device **" only without "EFT" word)

    Reset ScreenLock Without Lost Data - Supported Encrypted data

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