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Thread: EFT Pro Dongle Update v1.8 is released MTK Tap Added support +2000 Model

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    ULEFONE supported model

    TELENOR-UP06 Smart (Smart 3G)
    TELENOR-UP16 Smart Plus (Smart Plus 3G) 
    TELENOR-V816W Smart (Smart 3G) 
    Armor (Armor LTE DS) 
    Armor2 (Armor 2 LTE DS) 
    Armor5 (Armor 5 LTE DS) 
    ArmorX (Armor X LTE DS) 
    BeOne (BeOne 3G DS)
    BePro (BePro LTE DS) 
    BePro2 (BePro 2 LTE DS) 
    BePure (BePure 3G DS)
    BePure Lite (BePure Lite 3G DS)
    BeTouch (BeTouch LTE DS)
    BeTouch2 (BeTouch 2 LTE DS)
    BeTouch3 (BeTouch 3 LTE DS)
    BeTouchS (BeTouch S LTE DS)
    BeX (BeX 3G DS)
    Future (Future LTE DS)
    Gemini (Gemini LTE DS)
    Gemini Pro (Gemini Pro LTE DS)
    GQ3028 (GQ3028 LTE DS)
    Metal (Metal LTE DS) 
    Metal Lite (Metal Lite 3G DS) 
    Mix (Mix LTE DS)
    MixS (Mix (S LTE DS) 
    P92 (P92 3G DS)
    Paris (Paris LTE DS) 
    Paris Lite (Paris Lite 3G DS) 
    ParisX (Paris X LTE DS) 
    Power (Power LTE DS) 
    Power2 (Power 2 LTE DS) 
    Power3 (Power 3 LTE DS) 
    Power3S (Power 3S LTE DS)
    Power5 (Power 5 LTE DS) 
    Power5S (Power 5S LTE DS)
    S1 (S1 3G DS)
    S7 (S7 3G DS)
    S8 1+8 (S8 3G DS) 
    S8 2+16 (S8 3G DS)
    S8 Pro (S8 Pro LTE DS)
    S9 Pro (S9 Pro LTE DS)
    T1 (T1 LTE DS) 
    Tiger (Tiger LTE DS) 
    Tiger Lite (Tiger Lite 3G DS) 
    U007 (U007 3G DS) 
    U007 Pro (U007 Pro LTE DS) 
    U008 Pro (U008 Pro LTE DS) 
    U45 (U45 3G DS)
    U5 (U5 3G DS)
    U658 (U658 3G DS) 
    U692 (U692 3G DS) 
    U7 (U7 3G DS)
    Vienna (Vienna LTE DS)
    X (X LTE DS) 
    VIVO supported model
    X3S W (X3S W 3G DS) 
    X5 MaxS (X5 Max S LTE DS) 
    X5 MaxPlus (X5 Max Plus LTE DS) 
    X5 ProD (X5 Pro D LTE DS) 
    X5S L (X5S L LTE DS)
    X5L (X5L 3G DS)
    Y11 (Y11 3G DS)
    Y11iT (Y11iT 3G DS) 
    Y11iW (Y11iW 3G DS) 
    Y11T (Y11T 3G DS)
    Y13 (Y13 3G)
    Y13T (Y13T 3G DS)
    Y15 (Y15 3G)
    Y15bW (Y15bW 3G) 
    Y15cW (Y15cW 3G) 
    Y15S (Y15S 3G)
    Y15T (Y15T 3G)
    Y17T (Y17T 3G DS)
    Y17W (Y17W 3G DS)
    Y20T (Y20T 3G DS)
    Y21 (Y21 3G DS)
    Y22 (Y22 3G DS)
    Y22iL (Y22iL 3G) 
    Y28 (Y28 3G DS)
    Y31 (Y31 3G DS)
    Y31i (Y31i 3G DS)
    Y33 (Y33 LTE DS) 
    Y35L (Y35L LTE DS)
    Y613 (Y613 3G DS)
    Y622 (Y622 3G DS)
    Y83 PRO 
    VODAFONE supported model

    VODAFONE-VFD300 (Smart Mini 7 3G) 
    VODAFONE-VFD301 (Smart Mini 7 3G DS) 
    VODAFONE-VFD500 (Smart Turbo 7 LTE)
    VODAFONE-VFD501 (Smart Turbo 7 LTE)
    VODAFONE-VFD502 (Smart Turbo 7 LTE DS)
    WIKO supported model

    WIKO-V3720 (Lenny4 3G DS)
    WIKO-V3953 (Harry LTE DS)
    WIKO-V3961 (Upulse LTE DS) 
    WIKO-V3971 (Upulse Lite LTE DS)
    WIKO Kenny
    WIKO Sunny 2 Plus 
    WIKO K200 SUNNY3
    WIKO K300 JERRY3
    WIKO K400 LENNY5

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    XBO supported model

    XBO-A1 (A1 LTE DS)
    XBO-A10 (A10 LTE DS) 
    XBO-A11 (A11 LTE DS) 
    XBO-A12 (A12 LTE DS) 
    XBO-F4 (F4 3G DS) 
    XBO-F5 (F5 3G DS) 
    XBO-F6 (F6 3G DS) 
    XBO-F7 (F7 3G DS) 
    XBO-F8 (F8 3G DS) 
    XBO-G5 (G5 3G DS) 
    XBO-G6 (G6 3G DS) 
    XBO-J8 (J8 3G DS) 
    XBO-K16 (K16 3G DS)
    XBO-K18 (K18 3G DS)
    XBO-Kivi1s (KiVi 1s 3G DS) 
    XBO-KiviCanvas (KiVi Canvas 3G DS)
    XBO-KiviV8 (KiVi V8 3G DS) 
    XBO-KiviX (KiVi X 3G DS)
    XBO-M1 (M1 3G DS) 
    XBO-M1 4G (M1 LTE DS)
    XBO-M2 (M2 3G DS) 
    XBO-M2 4G (M2 LTE DS)
    XBO-M3 (M3 3G DS) 
    XBO-Mate1 (Mate 1 3G DS)
    XBO-Mate3Plus (Mate 3 Plus 3G DS)
    XBO-Mate5 (Mate 5 3G DS)
    XBO-Mate9 (Mate 9 3G DS)
    XBO-Max5 (Max 5 3G DS)
    XBO-Max7S (Max 7S 3G DS)
    XBO-MaxPlus (Max Plus 3G DS)
    XBO-Q25 (Q25 3G DS)
    XBO-Q30 (Q30 3G DS)
    XBO-R8 (R8 3G DS) 
    XBO-S5 (S5 3G DS) 
    XBO-S7 (S7 3G DS) 
    XBO-S7 Plus (S7 Plus 3G DS)
    XBO-Smart1 (Smart 1 3G DS) 
    XBO-Smart2 (Smart 2 3G DS) 
    XBO-Super1 (Super 1 3G DS) 
    XBO-Super2 (Super 2 3G DS) 
    XBO-Super3 (Super 3 3G DS) 
    XBO-Super5 (Super 5 3G DS) 
    XBO-Super6 (Super 6 3G DS) 
    XBO-Super7 (Super 7 3G DS) 
    XBO-Super8 (Super 8 3G DS) 
    XBO-Super9 (Super 9 3G DS) 
    XBO-Super10 (Super 10 3G DS)
    XBO-Super11 (Super 11 3G DS)
    XBO-Tiger5.1 (Tiger 5.1 3G DS)
    XBO-Tiger6.0 (Tiger 6.0 3G DS)
    XBO-U5 (U5 3G DS) 
    XBO-U6 (U6 3G DS) 
    XBO-U8 (U8 3G DS) 
    XBO-V1 (V1 3G DS) 
    XBO-V17E (V17E 3G DS)
    XBO-V8 (V8 3G DS) 
    XBO-V8 Plus (V8 Plus 3G DS)
    XBO-X21 Pro (X21 Pro 3G DS)
    XIAOMI supported model

    XIAOMI-Redmi Note 2 Hermes (Note 2 LTE DS) 
    XIAOMI-Redmi Note 3 Henessy (Note 3 LTE DS)
    XIAOMI-Redmi Note 4 Nikel (Note 4 LTE DS)
    XIAOMI-Redmi Pro Omega (Redmi Pro LTE DS)
    XIAOMI-Redmi Note 2 Hermes (Note 2 LTE DS) 
    XIAOMI-Redmi Note 3 Henessy (Note 3 LTE DS)
    XIAOMI-Redmi Note 4 Nikel (Note 4 LTE DS)
    XIAOMI-Redmi Pro Omega (Redmi Pro LTE DS)
    XOLO supported model

    8X-1000 (8X-1000 3G DS) 
    8X-1000i (8X-1000i 3G DS)
    8X-1010 (8X-1010 3G DS) 
    A1000s (A1000s 3G DS)
    A1000s Lite (A1000s Lite 3G DS)
    A1010 (A1010 3G DS)
    A500 Club (A500 Club 3G DS)
    A500L (A500L 3G DS)
    A500s (A500s 3G DS)
    A500s IPS (A500s IPS 3G DS)
    A500s Lite (A500s Lite 3G DS) 
    A510s (A510s 3G DS)
    A550s (A550s 3G DS)
    A600 (A600 3G DS) 
    A700s (A700s 3G DS)
    Black 1X (Black 1X LTE DS) 
    Cube 5.0 (Cube 5.0 3G DS)
    Cube 5.0 2GB (Cube 5.0 2GB 3G DS)
    Era 2V (Era 2V LTE DS)
    Era 2X (Era 2X LTE DS)
    Era 2X 3GB (Era 2X 3GB LTE DS)
    Era 3 (Era 3 LTE DS) 
    Era 3X (Era 3X LTE DS)
    Era 4.5 (Era 4.5 3G DS) 
    Era 4K (Era 4K LTE DS)
    Era Note (Era Note LTE DS) 
    Omega 5.0 (Omega 5.0 3G DS)
    Omega 5.5 (Omega 5.5 3G DS)
    One (One 3G DS)
    One HD (One HD 3G DS)
    Opus 3 (Opus 3 3G DS)
    Play 6X-1000 (Play 6X-1000 3G DS)
    Play 8X-1100 (Play 8X-1100 3G DS)
    Play 8X-1200 (Play 8X-1200 3G DS)
    Prime (Prime 3G DS)
    Q1000 (Q1000 3G DS)
    Q1000s (Q1000s 3G DS)
    Q1000s+ (Q1000s+ 3G DS) 
    Q1001 (Q1001 3G DS)
    Q1010 (Q1010 3G DS)
    Q1010i (Q1010i 3G DS)
    Q1011 (Q1011 3G DS)
    Q1020 (Q1020 3G DS)
    Q1200 (Q1200 3G DS)
    Q2000 (Q2000 3G DS)
    Q2100 (Q2100 3G DS)
    Q2500 (Q2500 3G DS)
    Q3000 (Q3000 3G DS)
    Q500s ISP (Q500s ISP 3G DS)
    Q510s (Q510s 3G DS)
    Q520s (Q520s 3G DS)
    Q600 (Q600 3G DS) 
    Q600 Club (Q600 Club 3G DS)
    Q610s (Q610s 3G DS)
    Q700 (Q700 3G DS) 
    Q700 Club (Q700 Club 3G DS)
    Q700i (Q700i 3G DS)
    Q700s (Q700s 3G DS)
    Q700s+ (Q700s+ 3G DS)
    Q710s (Q710s 3G DS)
    Q800 (Q800 3G DS) 
    Q800x (Q800x 3G DS)
    Q900 (Q900 3G DS) 
    Q900t (Q900t 3G DS)
    YEPEN supported model
    YEPEN-5AY5 (5A(Y5) LTE DS) 
    YEPEN-A30 (A30 LTE DS)

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    ZOPO supported model

    6560 (6560 3G DS)
    8510 (8510 3G DS)
    9515 (9515 3G DS)
    9530 (9530 3G DS)
    Color C2 (Color C2 3G DS)
    Color C3 (Color C3 LTE DS)
    Color E1 (Color E1 3G DS)
    Color F1 (Color F1 3G DS)
    Color F2 (Color F2 LTE DS)
    Color F3 (Color F3 3G DS)
    Color F5 (Color F5 LTE DS)
    Flash X3 (Flash X3 LTE DS)
    Hero2 (Hero 2 LTE DS) 
    P5000 (P5000 LTE DS)
    Y23 (Flash X2i 3G DS) 
    Z5000 (Z5000 LTE DS)
    ZP1000 (ZP1000 3G DS) 
    ZP1000S (ZP1000S 3G DS)
    ZP17100 (Flash X1i 3G DS)
    ZP17105 (Flash X1 LTE DS)
    ZP1795 (Flah X2 3G DS)
    ZP320 (ZP320 3G DS)
    ZP330 (Color C LTE DS)
    ZP331 (Color C1 3G DS)
    ZP350 (Color E LTE DS)
    ZP351 (Color S5 LTE DS)
    ZP353 (Color E1 3G DS)
    ZP370 (Color S5.5 LTE DS)
    ZP520 (ZP520 3G DS)
    ZP530 (ZP530 LTE DS)
    ZP530+ (Flash C LTE DS)
    ZP550 Hero1 (Hero 1 LTE DS) 
    ZP550 Speed7C (Speed 7C LTE DS)
    ZP567 (Color C5i 3G DS)
    ZP580 (ZP580 3G DS)
    ZP586 (Color X5.5 LTE DS)
    ZP587 (Color C5 LTE DS)
    ZP590 (ZP590 3G DS)
    ZP600+ (ZP600 Plus 3G DS)
    ZP700 (ZP700 3G DS)
    ZP720 (ZP720 LTE DS)
    ZP720+ (Flash E LTE DS)
    ZP780 (ZP780 3G DS)
    ZP781 (Flash G5 Plus LTE DS)
    ZP785 (Flash X Plus LTE DS) 
    ZP810 (ZP810 3G DS)
    ZP820 (ZP820 3G DS)
    ZP910 (ZP910 LTE DS)
    ZP920 (ZP920 LTE DS)
    ZP920+ (Flash S LTE DS)
    ZP950+ (ZP950 Plus 3G DS)
    ZP951 (Speed 7 LTE DS)
    ZP952 Speed7GP (Speed 7GP LTE DS) 
    ZP952 Speed7+ (Speed 7 Plus LTE DS)
    ZP955 (Speed 8 LTE DS)
    ZP980+ (ZP980 Plus 3G DS)
    ZP983 (Speed X LTE DS)
    ZP990+ (ZP990 Plus 3G DS)
    ZP998 (ZP998 3G DS)
    ZP999 (ZP999 LTE DS)
    ZTE supported model

    blade a520 
    blade v6
    blade t660 
    blade a601 
    blade a610 
    blade a610c
    BA611C (Voyage 4S LTE DS) 
    BA611T (Voyage 4S LTE DS) 
    Blade A110 (Blade A110 LTE DS)
    Blade A210 (Blade A210 LTE DS)
    Blade A315 (Blade A315 LTE DS)
    Blade A410 (Blade A410 LTE DS)
    Blade A430 (Blade A430 LTE)
    Blade A450 (Blade A450 LTE)
    Blade A452 (Blade A452 LTE DS)
    Blade A465 (Blade A465 LTE DS)
    Blade A475 (Blade L4 Pro LTE DS)
    Blade A476 (Blade A476 LTE DS)
    Blade A510 (Blade A510 LTE DS)
    Blade A511 (Blade A511 LTE DS)
    Blade A515 (Blade A515 LTE DS)
    Blade A520 (Blade A520 LTE DS)
    Blade A601 (Blade A601 LTE DS)
    Blade A610 (Blade A610 LTE DS)
    Blade A610C (Blade A610 LTE DS) 
    Blade A610 Plus (Blade A610 Plus LTE DS) 
    Blade A612 (Blade A612 LTE DS)
    Blade A910 (Blade A910 LTE DS)
    Blade Buzz (Blade Buzz 3G DS)
    Blade G Lux (Blade G Lux 3G) 
    Blade L2 (Blade L2 3G DS) 
    Blade L2 Plus (Blade L2 Plus 3G DS)
    Blade L3 (Blade L3 3G DS) 
    Blade L3 Lite (Blade L3 Lite 3G DS)
    Blade L3 Plus (Blade L3 Plus 3G DS)
    Blade L370 (Blade L370 3G DS)
    Blade L4 Pro (Blade L4 Pro LTE DS) 
    Blade L5 (Blade L5 3G DS) 
    Blade L5 Plus (Blade L5 Plus 3G DS)
    Blade L6 (Blade L6 3G DS) 
    Blade Q Lux 3G (Blade Q Lux 3G DS) 
    Blade Q Lux 4G DS (Blade Q Lux LTE DS)
    Blade Q Lux 4G SS (Blade Q Lux LTE)
    Blade V6 (Blade V6 LTE DS)
    Blade V7 (Blade V7 LTE DS)
    Blade V7 Lite (Blade V7 Lite LTE DS)
    Blade V7 Max (Blade V7 Max LTE DS) 
    Blade V7 Plus (Blade V7 Plus LTE DS)
    Blade V8 Lite (Blade V8 Lite LTE DS)
    Blade Vec (Blade Vec 3G DS)
    Blade VecPro (Blade Vec Pro 3G DS) 
    NX535J (Nubia Z11 Max CE LTE DS)
    NX541J (Nubia N1 LTE DS)
    NX575J (Nubia N2 LTE DS)
    NX597J (Nubia N1 Lite LTE DS)
    P172A10 (V809, Blade C2 3G)
    P172B20 (Blade C2 Plus 3G DS)
    P172R10 (T815 Telstra Tempo 3G) 
    S158 (S158 LTE DS)
    T520 (T520 3G DS)
    T620 (Blade X3 LTE DS) 
    T630 (Blade X5 LTE DS) 
    T660 (Blade X7 LTE DS) 
    T815 (Telstra Tempo 3G)
    V0730 (Blade A610 Plus LTE DS)
    V580 (Blade V Plus LTE DS)
    V765M (V765M 3G) 
    V815W (Blade Buzz 3G DS)
    V816W (Blade Buzz 3G DS)
    V829 (Blade G Plus 3G DS) 
    V830W (Blade G Lux 3G DS) 
    V993W (Blade V5 3G DS) 

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    ALTICE-Starnaute 4 (Starnaute 4 3G) 
    ARTEL-Z5 (Z5 3G DS) 
    BLACKVIEW-A10 (A10 3G DS) 
    Blackview BV4000 pro
    BQ-Aquaris M10 (Aquaris M10 WiFi)
    BQ-Aquaris M10 4G (Aquaris M10 4G LTE)
    BQ-Aquaris M10FHD (Aquaris M10 FHD WiFi) 
    BQ-Aquaris M8 (Aquaris M8 WiFi) 
    BQ-BQS-5057 (Strike 2 3G DS) 
    BQ-BQS-5058 (Strike Power Easy 3G DS) 
    CASPER-Via E2 (Via E2 LTE) 
    CASPER-Via M3 (Via M3 LTE) 
    CHERRY-Flare J3 Lite (Flare J3 Lite 3G DS) 
    CHERRY-Flare S6 Lite (Flare S6 Lite 3G DS) 
    CHERRY-Selfie 2 (Selfie 2 LTE DS) 
    Chuwi Hi9 Air 
    DOOGEE-X20 (X20 3G DS) 
    DOOGEE-X30 (X30 3G DS) 
    DOOGEE-X53 (x53 )
    FERO-A4501 (A4501 3G DS) 
    FERO-A5000 (Aura A5000 3G DS)
    FERO-A5500 (Aura A5500 3G DS)
    FERO-Iris (Iris LTE DS)
    FERO-Pace (Pace 3G DS)
    FERO-Pace2 (Pace 2 3G DS)
    FERO-Pace2Lite (Pace 2 Lite 3G DS)
    FERO-Pad7 (Pad 7 3G DS)
    FERO-Power2 (Power 2 3G DS) 
    FERO-SupremeT5 (Supreme T5 3G DS) 
    FERO-X1 (Royale X1 LTE DS)
    FERO-ZoomLTE (Zoom LTE DS)
    HYUNDAI-A25024L (A25024L LTE DS) 
    HYUNDAI-G25022K (G25022K 3G DS)
    IBALL-Andi 5.5H Weber 4G (5.5H Weber 4G LTE DS)
    IBALL-Andi 5Q Gold 4G (5Q Gold 4G LTE DS)
    IBALL-Cobalt Solus 4G (Solus 4G LTE DS) 
    IBRIT AF51 
    KREZ-SL502 (SL502 3G DS) 
    LETV-X622 (LeEco Le S3 LTE DS)
    LETV-X626 (LeEco Le S3 LTE DS)
    LETV X7 (LeEco X7)
    NOUS-NS5002 (NS5002 3G DS)
    OUKITEL-C5 Pro (C5 LTE DS)
    OUKITEL-U22 (U22 3G DS)
    OUKITEL K10000 PRO 
    VERTEX-ImpressLuck (Impress Luck 3G DS) 
    VERTEX-ImpressNight (Impress Night LTE DS) 

    Update online without replace it t ...
    For New User Download File

    Get Now EFT Dongle From Nearest Distrubutor/Reseller Here

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